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How fast is your Internet???

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January 06, 2021

      SURVEY LINK:  SENDD/Wahoo/Saunders County Broadband Speed Test

The City of Wahoo is asking for your help.  Over the past year sufficient internet connection speed has played a huge role in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Children learning from home, parents working from home, health care happening at home, and social connections with family and friends are happening from home. Fingers crossed, this pandemic will be coming to an end soon, but it has emphasized the role rural communities play in the success of this state and in this country.  On top of that reliable internet with sufficient speed needs to be affordable.  For all our residents. Our future is dependent on our connection to the rest of the world... and that is very dependent on affordable high-speed internet connections.  

The City of Wahoo is a member of Southeast Nebraska Economic Development District (SENDD) and partners with them on many projects. SENDD was successful in securing grant funding for a data collection project of internet speeds across the state of Nebraska. Currently, the only way a community knows how fast connections and at what price is by asking residents or relying on the third-party internet providers (Windstream, Spectrum, etc.) to answer that question.  This project will provide REAL data at REAL locations in our community - and it comes straight from the user who pays the bill - YOU.  The more participation we have, the better the data set will be when this project is complete.  

So why is this important to Wahoo and Saunders County?  First and foremost, this survey will give us accurate data, and as the old saying goes... knowledge is power. We can use this data to plan for our future and gives us power to negotiate with providers and apply for grant funding to possibly make installation of upgrades more affordable. Second, there are hundreds of articles available through numerous sources that talk of the importance and connection between rural vitality and affordable broadband connection.  Rural Nebraska needs affordable connections.. not to survive, but to thrive.  And lastly, across the state it is a bit of a competition to see who can get the best data set.  Competition?  Wahoo?  This is a no-brainer.  We are winners in this community, so let's get this done.

The following link will take you to a link on SENDD's website.  Once on this website you can enter either your full address or partial address - whichever you are comfortable with - enter the amount you pay for your connection per month (no TV, no land line) and then once you click go, it will conduct an internet speed test and document your results.  This information is recorded on the map below the survey.  (NOTE:  To see your result once you've completed the speed test, just click refresh on your internet browser and you will see your dot show up on the map).  

   SURVEY LINK:  SENDD/Wahoo/Saunders County Broadband Speed Test

Please share this link with family, neighbors, friends, business owners, etc. to help us in this data collection process. We'd love to have all our 1,600+ addresses show up on this map! Any questions about this can be directed to City Hall (402-443-3222) or the Chamber/Economic Development Office (402-443-4001).  Thanks again!!!

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