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City of Wahoo


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Food Trucks and Mobile Food Vendors

On July 23, 2020, the Wahoo City Council adopted Ordinance No. 2352, which creates regulations for mobile food vendors and food trucks. Any food vendors who plan to operate within the Wahoo corporate limits should review the requirements and application form carefully. Application, fee, and all supporting information are submitted to the City Clerk's Office, 605 North Broadway Street, Wahoo, Nebraska, for review and approval. Mobile food vendors are not allowed to locate on city property or city right-of-way unless a specific waiver is granted. Annual permits are based upon the calendar year. 

Full text of Ordinance No. 2352 - Mobile Food Vendors

Application for Food Vendor License

The purpose of this regulation as stated within the ordinance is as follows:

    "Mobile food vendors provide a beneficial service to the general public within the City while, due to their distinct manner of operation, also presenting substantial differences of circumstances from other food retailers and vehicle users which suggest the expediency of diverse legislation. It is, thus, desirable to regulate, and require licenses for, mobile food vendors so that their transitory use of various properties and right-of-way locations can occur in a fair and safe manner, and so that public safety and welfare can be protected. The purpose of this chapter is to enact regulations to serve those goals.


    While the City wishes to encourage the business of mobile food vendors, the City also recognizes the benefits of permanent food establishments. The owners of permanent food establishments make substantial and long-lasting capital investments in buildings, infrastructure, and the built environment. These investments benefit the City, improve real property, and provide consistent locales for the entertainment and enjoyment of City residents and visitors. The City wishes to cultivate and encourage the creation and maintenance of permanent food establishments. Accordingly, it is also the purpose of this chapter to encourage the co-existence of mobile food vendors and permanent food establishments, to provide appropriate places for each within the fabric of the City, and to accommodate the interests of each, toward the goal of achieving a rich and diverse community."