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City of Wahoo


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Nuisances and Reporting Nuisances

City of Wahoo Nuisance Information

Nuisance regulations in the City of Wahoo are part of the Wahoo Municipal Code.  Our Municipal Code is updated and amended as needed by the City Council through the adoption of an ordinance.  The full Wahoo Municipal Code is available by clicking HERE.  Municipal Code specifically describes how notices are sent to property owners and the format they must follow.  It also describes how any expenses related to the City abating a nuisance can be assessed to the property owner.  The sections of Code specifically pertaining to nuisances can be accessed by clicking Wahoo Municipal Code - 94.10 through 94.36.


FAQ - Nuisances

How is it determined whether a nuisance exists on a property?  Wahoo Municipal Code gives the initial determination of a nuisance to the Mayor and in some case the Chief of Police.  Upon review of a property, the Mayor can direct a nuisance notice to be sent to the appropriate property owner.

How can a property owner object to a "Notice of Nuisance"?  If you receive a "Notice of Nuisance" and disagree with the initial determination of a nuisance, you can request a hearing of the full Council to review the determination.  A written request for a hearing must be filed with the City Clerk's Office within the timeframe stated in the "Notice of Nuisance" generally 5 to 7 days after receipt of the notice.

Can an extension of time be granted to abate a nuisance?  If you receive a "Notice of Nuisance" and cannot abate the nuisance within the time frame stated in the nuisance, you can request an extension of time from the Mayor or in certain cases, from the Chief of Police.  A written request for an extension should be filed with the City Clerk's office prior to the deadline for abatement.

The deadline for abating the nuisance has passed.  What now?  As per the Municipal Code, the City of Wahoo is granted authority to abate the nuisances described in the notice, once the deadline for abatement stated in the notice has passed.  The City may do the work themselves or may hire the work to be done.  The abatement of the nuisance is ordered either by the Mayor or in certain cases, by the Chief of Police.

How can a potential nuisance be reported?  A potential nuisance can be reported to the City Clerk's office by calling 402-443-3222.  The potential nuisance will be sent on to the Mayor for review.