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City of Wahoo


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The following policies and fee schedule were adopted by the Mayor and Council of the City of Wahoo on January 11th, 2022, with an effective date of February 1, 2022. Click here for a printable pdf copy.
Decoration and Ornamentation of Graves
  • New graves may be decorated with floral sprays and arrangements immediately following interment. The City will remove the decorations one week following interment, or before if the decorations become unsightly.
  • No plantings shall be permitted on graves.
  • From May 1st to October 1st, artificial flowers and plants must be in permanent containers. Temporary containers dug or set into the ground (such as a jar, can or sleeve) are not allowed.
  • No grave blankets shall be permitted.
  • No temporary markers shall be permitted.
  • No yard ornaments, figurines, or stuffed animals shall be permitted.
  • No shepherd's planters, wreath stands or hooks, or wind chimes or other decorations shall be permitted.
  • No dogs permitted.
  • No lighting shall be permitted, except lighting which is built into the monument.
  • No open flames such as a candle or torch permitted.
  • No glass items such as a jar, vase, or glass in a frame permitted.
  • Memorial Day decorations:
    • Additional grave decorations will be permitted one week before and one week after Memorial Day
    • Items left on graves after one week after Memorial Day shall be removed by the City and stored at the Cemetery Shed located at Knights of Honor Cemetery (Sunrise Cemetery) for tow weeks, at which time they will be thrown away.
  • The City shall not be responsible for lost items in the cemeteries.
Grave Spaces
  • Available spaces can be purchased by anyone. There is no residency requirement for purchase:


K of H Cemetery (Sunrise)
$400.00 per space
Sunrise North Cemetery
$400.00 per space
Wahoo Cemetery (Greenwood)
$400.00 per space
K of H Cemetery (Sunrise), Babyland
$200.00 per space
Wahoo Cemetery (Greenwood), Potter's Field
$200.00 per space

Grave Opening and Closing Fees

  • The City shall open and close all adult graves, baby graves, and crematory urn spaces.
  • Occupancy of a grave space shall be limited as follows:
    • One regular deep vault burial and one cremation or cremation urn
    • Two cremation or cremation urns
      • Note: Saturday morning open/close is not available on holiday weekends observed by the City of Wahoo.


Graves for children under 5 years of age
$300.00 per grave
          Saturday morning fee (8:00 a.m. to Noon)       +$400.00
All graves for persons over 5 years of age
$600.00 per grave
          Saturday morning fee (8:00 a.m. to Noon)        +$400.00
Crematory Urns (no vault)
$300.00 per grave
          Saturday morning fee (8:00 a.m. to Noon        +$200.00
Crematory Urn (with vault)
$400.00 per space
          Saturday morning fee    (8:00 to Noon)        +$200.00

Grave opening of any kind that are completed after 4:00pm on a weekday and noon on a Saturday will incur an additional $200.00 charge. 


  • Fees includes re-burial in existing location
  • Movement from one site to another within the City's cemeteries will mean the incurring of both disinterment costs and opening costs.
  • Moving of the vault will be done by the vault company.
  • A permit from the State of Nebraska is required for disinterment.


$500.00 per grave
Baby Grave (under 5 years of age)
$500.00 per grave
Adult Grave
$1,200.00 per grave

  • The City shall set all foundations for cemetery markers for the monument companies.
  • The minimum size of a foundation for a vase is 12" x 12" x 10".
  • Foundations for vases must be concrete.
  • The foundations will be poured so that there will be a minimum of a 4" wash from all sides of a monument.
  • Cement urn pads for cement urns must have a minimum size of 12" x 12" x 5".
  • For double monument foundations an 8" separation between the monuments will be used unless otherwise specified


Foundations, unless otherwise listed
$.55 per sq inch
Foundations for vases
$80.00 per vase
Foundations for Veteran's bronze markers
$250.00 each
Cement urn pads for cement urns
$50.00 per pad

Headstones or Markers
  • Maximum height for personal or private cemetery markers in K of H Cemetery (Sunrise) and Sunrise North Cemetery shall be three feet, including foundation.
  • All markers in Babyland located in K of H Cemetery (Sunrise) shall be flush with ground level and shall not be larger than 8" x 16".
  • All markers that have been set will be inspected by City personnel only.
  • Organizational and/or commemorative markers which are not set as part of the foundation in a permanent flag holder may not be placed unless for a special event (i.e. veteran's Day, Fireman's Memorial event, ect.) which shall first be approved by the Cemetery Sexton and the City Administrator.

No mausoleums shall be allowed in the City's cemeteries except in Block 14, Third Addition to K of H Cemetery (Sunrise Cemetery).