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ATV/UTV Regulations

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ATV/UTV Regulations

Effective June 1, 2023

May 10, 2023

Registration requirements

    Only ATVs or UTVs registered with City Hall or owned by the City shall be authorized for operation on streets or highways within the corporate limits of the City. An annual registration sticker shall be issued by City Hall to the owner submitting the following:

  1. Certification from the Wahoo Police Department stating that the ATV or UTV has been inspected and is in compliance with the equipment requirements identified by City Code. 
  2. Proof of liability insurance coverage for the vehicle specifically listing the vehicle as referenced by year, make, model, and serial number; and,
  3. A one hundred dollar ($100.00) annual fee for registration of the vehicle.
  4. The registration sticker shall entitle the vehicle to be operated on the streets and highways of the City as provided by Code during the calendar year of issuance. The annual fee will not be prorated and is not transferrable. No refunds shall be allowed for any reason. Registration will expire on December 31 of each year.
  5. A reflecting, self-destructing sticker with an assigned number will be provided to the registering owner upon registration of such vehicle at City Hall.


Every ATV and UTV shall be equipped with:

    1. A braking system maintained in good operating condition;
    2. An adequate muffler system in good working condition and without a cutout, bypass or similar device, or any modifications to the muffler system which increases the volume of the noise of the exhaust system.  No portion of the system shall be permitted to contact the ground when weighted by its operator;
    3. A United States Forest Service-qualified spark arrester;
    4. Headlights, taillights, and brake lights;
    5. Equipped with a safety flag which extends no less than five (5) feet above the ground and is attached to the rear of such vehicle. The flag shall be day-glow in color, triangular in shape, and of a size with an area not less than thirty square inches.

The crossing of a highway shall be permitted only if:

  1. The crossing is made at an angle of approximately ninety degrees (90°) perpendicular to the direction of travel being made on such highway and at a place where no obstruction prevents a timely and safe crossing;
  2. The vehicle is brought to a complete stop before crossing shoulder or roadway of said highway;
  3. The operator yields the right of way to all traffic which constitutes an immediate or potential hazard;
  4. In crossing a divided highway, the crossing shall only be made at an intersection of another highway or roadway; and,
  5. Both headlights and taillights must be on when the crossing is made.



    An ATV or UTV may be operated upon city streets and highways within the corporate limits of the City only if the operator and vehicle is in compliance with the following provisions in addition to the Nebraska Rules of the Road and City Codes:

  1. Such ATV or UTV must be registered with City Hall, unless owned by the City itself. 
  2. An ATV or UTV shall not be operated at a speed faster than thirty (30) miles per hour or the posted speed limit, whichever is less.
  3. When in operation, the headlights and taillights of the vehicle shall be on.
  4. Only operate such ATV or UTV between sunrise and sunset.
  5. Only have as many riders as the manufacturers intended.
  6. Any person operating an ATV or UTV as authorized by this Code shall:
    1. Have a valid Class O operator's license as provided for in Neb. Rev. Stat. § 60-4,126;
    2. Have liability insurance coverage for the ATV/UTV while in operation upon a street or highway, provide such insurance proof of coverage upon the demand of any peace officer requesting such proof within five days of such request; such insurance shall be within the limits stated in Neb. Rev. Stat. § 60-509, as amended from time to time;



    Any person who violates any provision of this Article of the municipal code or violates the provisions defined by Chapter 39 or Chapter 60 of the Revised Statutes of Nebraska while operating an ATV or UTV shall be subject to the penalties under the provisions of Chapter 39 and Chapter 60 of the Revised Statutes of Nebraska and additionally all City-issued registrations for all of the operator's and the owner's ATVs and UTVs shall be revoked as follows:

  1. For the operator's first offense, the operator shall be fined two hundred dollars ($200.00);
  2. For the operator's second offense occurring within two (2) years of the first offense, the operator shall be fined four hundred dollars ($400.00)
  3. For the operator’s third offense occurring within two (2) years of the first offense, the operator shall be fined four hundred dollars ($400.00), impoundment of vehicle, and all City-issued registrations of both the operator and the owner shall be revoked for a period of two (2) years from the date of offense.
  4. For the operator’s fifth offense occurring within five (5) years of the first offense, all City-issued registrations of both the operator and the owner shall be revoked for a period of ten (10) years from the date of offense.


Registration steps

  • Contact the Wahoo Police Department and schedule a time for inspection. -  (402) 443-4155
  • Passed inspection from the Wahoo Police Department.
  • Paid registration fee in the amount of $100 at City Hall.
  • Registration sticker placed on the vehicle's lower driver's side windshield. Or if no windshield the driver’s front side of the vehicle


Quick Reference Regulations

  • Operation permitted between sunrise & sunset.
  • Speed not to exceed 30MPH.
  • Passengers not to exceed the total number that the manufacturer intended.
  • Liability Insurance required.
  • Class O operators permit required.
  • NO after-market parts for muffler systems permitted.
  • Registration expires on December 31 of the calendar year.

Click on this link for the Corporate Limits Map.

Link to the adopted Ordinance No. 2429


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