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For after hours UTILITY emergencies, call 402-443-4213

City of Wahoo


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Protect Against Sewage Backups

If you experience a sewage backup, call the Utilities at 402-443-3222.  Water and Sewer personnel will investigate the nature of the backup as soon as possible.  There is no charge to inspect the flow in the sewer main.

Install a Ball-Check Valve.

​Regular inspections and maintenance are done on the sanitary sewer system.  However, occasionally customers experience sewage backups from floor drains. To minimize the possibility of a sewage backup, consider installing a ball-check valve in each floor drain or sump pump discharge line.  Your plumber can give you more information.

​Add Insurance Coverage.

​Contact your insurance provider to confirm whether or not your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy will cover damages.  Consider adding additional coverage if it's not currently in your policy.




If there is a sewage backup....

​* Keep people and pets away from affected areas. (Sewage spills can contain bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses that can cause serious illness or disease).

* Turn off electrical power to the appliances or fixtures that are in contact with standing water.

* Do not flush toilets and turn off any running water.

* Determine if you or a professional will clean up the area.  Avoid contact with sewage by wearing rubber gloves, eye protection, rubber boots, and waterproof coveralls.  Wash your hands frequently; wash and disinfect clothing, gloves, and boots that are to be re-used.